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Introducing Trephine: the innovative solution to keep you up-to-date with the latest in medical research

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What is the problem?

To remain competitive throughout their career, clinicians and researchers must keep abreast of new publications in their field. This represents a major challenge due to the exponential growth in the number of publications powered by the academic publish-or-perish culture and the ever-growing availability of the internet favoring the emergence of online-only publications.


Articles containing the word stroke in PubMed in 2020


Higher than in 2010


Higher than in 2000

^ 8-9%

Percentage of new published scientific papers each year

1 Million

Papers pour into the PubMed database each year


New papers per minute

Our solution:

Our solution is meticulously designed to ensure you never miss out on critical updates, helping you stay at the forefront of medical science.

1. Dividing Medicine into Major Specialties

Understanding the vast scope of medical science, we began by categorizing medicine into its major specialties. This foundational step allows us to tailor our approach, ensuring that professionals from diverse fields, whether cardiology, neurology, oncology, or any other specialty, receive relevant and precise updates. By organizing information in this manner, Trephine enhances your ability to focus on the research that matters most to your practice.

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2. Selecting the Best Journals

To ensure the highest quality of information, we carefully selected the top journals for each specialty using a combination of metrics. While the journal impact factor is a significant indicator, we also consider other metrics such as citation rates, h-index, and altmetrics to provide a more comprehensive assessment of a journal's influence and relevance. This multifaceted approach guarantees that you receive insights from the most respected and authoritative sources in your field.

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3. Creating Up-to-Date Lists of New Articles

Our commitment to keeping you informed is reflected in our continuous monitoring and updating of medical literature. Every week, Trephine compiles a list of the latest articles from the selected high-impact journals, ensuring you have access to fresh, relevant research as soon as it becomes available. This weekly update cycle empowers you to stay current with minimal effort, allowing you to focus more on applying new knowledge in your practice and less on searching for it.

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