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Real MB6-896 Dumps Questions Answers

Question # 1:
You negotiate product-specific pricing with a customer for two products.
You need to create a sales price trade agreement for the customer that includes the two products.
Which three actions should you perform? Each answer represents part of the solution.
A. Validate and post the journal.
B. Enter the journal lines for each product.
C. Create a trade agreement journal.
D. Select a relation of line discount (sales.)
E. Select an account code of Group.
Answer: A B C

Question # 2:
You need to enable the purchase order (PO) process to initiate for a vendor when the vendor accepts a PO.
Which option should you choose?
A. Active (PO is auto-confirmed)
B. Not active
C. Pending
D. Active (PO is not auto-confirmed)
Answer: A

Question # 3:
You need to create vendor accounts by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
Which field is mandatory?
A. Group
B. Credit limit
C. Method of payment
D. Mode of delivery
Answer: A

Question # 4:
You need to configure a customer record to enable shipment of orders to the customer by rail.
What should you do first?
A. Set up a delivery charges group.
B. Create terms of delivery.
C. Create a mode of delivery.
D. Create a destination code.
Answer: B

Question # 5:
You are creating a customer record.
You need to add transportation costs to customer orders.
What should you define?
A. Sales Tax Group
B. Terms of Payment
C. Delivery Terms
D. Mode of Delivery
Answer: D

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