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Microsoft Introduces New Cortana App for Window 10

As we already know Cortana has disappeared from the X-Box One as well as Windows 10. This is all that have been on the web lately. But good news for all Cortana fans who still exist somewhere on this planet. Though there isn’t any confirmation about the X-Box One’s Cortana, one on Window 10 is certainly getting her back. Microsoft revealed to be testing a new chat-based UI for Cortana on Windows 10 PCs. The Cortana is available to testers as of last month in form of a new beta app. This new app supports text as well as voice queries.

Microsoft basically focused on making the new Cortana more conversational. Big news for all those Window PC users who love to chat with Cortana. Separating it from the built-in Window 10 search system, Cortana now focuses on business users in its processes. Its latest and exciting features include queries, assistant conversations, opening apps, managing lists, and other basics like setting reminders, alarms, and timers.

One of the greatest things in Cortana being an app now is you can keep in touch with the latest updates. As there will be more in the future considering not all features are revived yet. Users can will be able to get these updates through Microsoft stores.

The Cortana app is available in the latest Fast Ring preview of Windows 10, build 18945. The app will be available to use for all the Window 10 users by the half of 2020. Microsoft has also made some changes to make the command “Hey, Cortana” little less disturbing. Moreover, the assistant is now available with both light and dark themes for Window 10 users. Again, thanks to the new speech and language upgrades the performance should also considerably improve.

Also earlier this week Microsoft has also evolved how it handles the voice commands on X-Box moving form on-console to a cloud-based assistant experience. This would mean users can’t talk to Cortana though their headsets now. However, they can use the Cortana app available on iOS, Android, and Windows. You can also access the X-Box skills through Harmon Kardon Invoke speaker.

Other than the changes in Cortana, there are some Windows 10 test include Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) enhancements. Like now you will be able to access WSL 2 Linux networking applications through a local host. This means, developers can now access the host servers using any local browser.

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