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Latest XK0-004 CompTIA Linux+ Exam Questions Answers Dumps

CompTIA Linux+ Certification Exam (XK0-004) is must have credential for IT Professionals with hands-on experience configuring, monitoring, and supporting servers running the Linux operating system to gain more skills. the candidates who successfully pass the exam will have the necessary skills and knowledge to configure, manage, operate, and troubleshoot
a Linux environment by using security best practices, scripting, and automation.

Get the Latest XK0-004 Braindumps if you want to gain maximum marks in one attempt. These XK0-004 Dumps are specifically designed to train aspirants with real world examples and exercises. Once you complete your XK0-004 Practice Test Dumps practice you’ll be matchless.


Which of the following would be the BEST solution for a systems administrator to access the graphical user environment of a Linux machine remotely?
C. X11
Answer: A


A technical support engineer receives a ticket from a user who is trying to create a 1KB file in the /tmp directory and is getting the following error No space left on device. The support engineer checks the /tmp directory, and it has 20GB of free space.
Which of the following BEST describes a possible cause for this error?
A. The /tmp directory is not mounted.
B. The filesystem is formatted with a 4MB block size.
C. the filesystem ran out of inodes.
D. The /tmp directory has been set with an immutable attribute.
Answer: C


Which of the following is the BEST reason for not storing database files in the /var directory?
A. The /var filesystem is not fast enough for database files.
B. The number of files in /var is limited by the available inodes.
C. Files in /var do not have strict file permissions.
D. If log files fill up /var, it might corrupt the database.
Answer: D

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