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Huawei Moving Forward from Rumors: Huawei Certification’s Worth Amplified

We all know what the U.S. government says, but what actions Huawei took after those rumors are of prime importance. As of now, Huawei is deemed as dangerous telecom equipment by the U.S. government. They believe Huawei may as well be a spy for the Chinese government.

Huawei took this rumor in a good way and totally turned the table on the U.S. by amplifying its worth in the market. Today when most of the IT industry is being dominated by big companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, and Google and so on. Huawei gradually crept its way into the market making a place for itself. Individual enterprises are looking up to Huawei for most of its network associated issues. As Huawei pledged itself, “a guarantor of privacy, transparency and globalization”.

Getting a Huawei Certification right about now can earn you a great deal of attention, in a good way. Organizations are looking for potential employers who know their networks best. This is a wonderful opportunity to make a name in the industry. Apply for the Huawei Exams and don’t worry about the preparations, Grades4sure got you all covered with easy to reach and very exam like Dumps Practice Tests.

While the U.S. was busy planning its possible doom, Huawei made some unexpected moves. Let’s have a look at what they are:

Huawei Replacing Google Apps with Their Own

Huawei warned google to be ready for being replaced according to a new report.

Huawei is the second-largest android smartphone maker after Samsung. And moving ahead into 2020 it had made some bold accusations. According to one of the company’s executives, Huawei is planning to pretty soon replace the Google apps including mail, messaging, maps and payments, and also basic & crucial services.

This adds to another recent plan to craft the company’s Google replacement services. Nothing is confirmed as of now but the speculations are that this will be done pretty soon following their 2020 product launch.

Huawei Plans to introduce 5G Networks

The technology giant of China is spending millions of dollars building 5G Networks.  Hoping to lead as a network provider which seems to be working well.

As the company competes against false allegations, it decided it’s time to take a step up. They plan to do so by introducing Europe’s next-generation 5G wireless networks. Huawei is so set on the idea and even spending millions of dollars on advertising and campaign doesn’t seem to faze it.

Huawei even took actions like making dozens of deals to sell 5G hardware to wireless carriers across Europe, according to their claims. They went as far as to make this bold statement where Abraham Liu, the company’s top official in Europe said Huawei’s unwavering presence in Europe is proof of Washington’s failure to provide concrete evidence of Huawei’s offense.

Huawei Moves to Make Its Certification Big in Industry

Aside from creating google alternatives and making its stand firm in Europe; Huawei also plans to make individuals looking for its certifications more comfortable. Joining hands with another enterprise-level network solution builder, MikroTik, Huawei introduced a training bundle. The bundle contains 10 total courses in which 8 are MikroTik’s and the remaining 2 are Huawei’s.

The demand for IT professionals who understand the network is always skyrocketing. If you are looking to validate your skills through a Huawei or MikroTik certification, this $39 training bundle might just be what you need.

As Huawei is starting to make name for itself in the industry, you might as well get one of its certifications. Plus, The Huawei & MikroTik Certified Security Engineer Training Bundle on sale is just $39, a total 98% off.  And if it still doesn’t get you satisfied you can always check your potentials with practice tests at Grades4Sure. We made to put everything you need in our Dumps Questions Answers.

Huawei Top Certifications Right now

HCIE- Routing & Switching:

While we are talking about networks HCIE- R&S V3.0 will be the right choice for you. The certification requires you to pass three exams H12-261 (Written), H12-262 (LAB) and H12-263 (Interview). The written exam is your first step in getting certified with HCIE-R&S. The exam is 90-min long and requires 600 out of 1000 total score to pass. This exam covers domains like Network Planning, Design, Implementation, Maintenance, Trouble-Shooting, Optimization, Cut-over and more.

Need to ace the exam? We’ve got a solution for all your problems. Just visit Grades4sure to get H12-261 Exam Questions now. Get your preparation started with one of the best test practice platforms out there.


The HCIP-Access certification is the next best choice for you right now. The exam covers domains like 10G PON principles, Vectoring & Principles, multicast Basics, VoIP principle in-depth (H.248 protocol introduction, SIP protocol in-depth), security features, networking protection, QoS features, troubleshooting, access network planning and design, eSight Triple Play service configuration, U2000 Triple Play service configuration, and more.

It requires you to pass H35-211 – HCIP-Access V2.0 Exam. This exam also takes 90 mins to complete and has a passing score of 600 out of 1000 total marks. These H35-211 Dumps Practice Tests will help you get that marks or even exceed that. Because when you train in an almost exam-like atmosphere you learn better and achieve great things.


This particular certification is aimed at the professionals who want to learn introducing and selling Huawei IT Products. The professionals are trained so they understand the general requirements of their customer and can provide solutions accordingly.

The candidates who want to earn HCS-Pre-Sales certification are expected to pass H19-369 Huawei Certified Pre-sales Specialist IT Exam. This is a typical 90-minute Huawei exam that requires you to get least 600 out of 1000 total marks. Attaining this goals is easier now with H19-369 Exam Questions. Get them now at Grades4Sure to start your training right away.

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