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Category Archives: The Journey

The Journey

My Cinematic Year, Part 7: In which the protagonist gets her groove back with a little freakonomics.

If you like, see also: Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. In dating, you’re considering candidates and choosing the best one you can. In job interviews, the exact same thing is happening. But only in the business world are the economics of this endeavor routinely considered. There’s an anecdote […]

My cinematic year, part 2: The setting.

A few days after my new roller-derby league’s first practice at the rink, I moved into my new apartment, a decrepit studio roosted atop the tiny row of shops on Main Street. My mother had been right: it was exactly the sort of outdated decor I’d find endearing, complete with hideous linoleum. (Floral and geometric? […]

No Children Were Harmed in the Writing of this Poem

When a small child you have never met picks up her foot to step off a curb and into rush-hour traffic approximately thirty feet from where you are sitting, right now, idly drinking your iced coffee and letting the pattern of the metal patio chair beneath you imprint itself onto your thighs, and you look […]

We Are Here

Jeff and I are in Madrid. Yes, my ex-husband and I went to Madrid together. Many potentially fascinating theories could explain this odd development, but here, let me save you the trouble: we are in Spain together simply because we both wanted to go to Spain. I don’t know that I’ve ever been as overcome […]

All stereotypes aside, I doubt HE remembers ME.

I keep thinking of this elephant I met, once. I was standing on a curb in Bangkok, just minding my own business, waiting to cross the street, as one does every day without encountering any elephants. But when I turned my head, there he was, inches from my face—either a baby or some sort of […]

On this, the first day of my new life: Things I have learned. Am trying to learn. Have learned, but forget. Will never learn.

The collection below essentially amounts to what happens when an agnostic attempts to articulate her own personal prayer beads into words. I stop, I kneel, I clutch them, and I let them slip through my fingers, one by one, all while muttering these sorts of things at myself. And then I go out into the […]

My Cinematic Year, Part 3: The obligatory montage.

If I knew how we got from there to here, I think I really would write a book about it. But as time has passed, the nights at the rink, the hours of board meetings, the legal paperwork, the radio interviews, and the photo shoots have mushed into a frenetic blur interspersed with beeps from […]