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Category Archives: Love. I guess. Hmph.

Love. I guess. Hmph.

My Cinematic Year: The end.

It all happens so fast. When my derby league is nine months old, I realize my season here is almost over. They’ve grown up now; they can do this themselves. They look to me for reassurance once in a while, but their dependence on me is mostly in their heads. I realize I’m not doing […]

Just a cat.

Nito, my cat, died last week. On Tuesday, I found myself alone in an exam room with his limp, sick body in the crook of my arm and his head under my chin and I spread out a beach towel on the metal table, so he wouldn’t be cold when he died. It’s funny, how […]

Top Ten Signs You Might Be Dating an Ex-Wife

1. She’s flat-out terrified. 2. She has no game whatsoever. This girl not only fails to remember to wear hot underwear, but she will also strike up a conversation while perched on your toilet (just to PEE, of course—she’s still a lady). She may also discuss her cycles with you, regardless of whether you happen […]