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Category Archives: Joy


My Cinematic Year: The end.

It all happens so fast. When my derby league is nine months old, I realize my season here is almost over. They’ve grown up now; they can do this themselves. They look to me for reassurance once in a while, but their dependence on me is mostly in their heads. I realize I’m not doing […]

Just don’t call me a tramp. It confuses my mother.

The day I bought that car, I knew what I was going to do with it: I was going to fit my entire life into it, and I was going to drive it a very long way, all by myself. Right after I let my mom talk me into a variety of cheesy poses, of […]

Just a cat.

Nito, my cat, died last week. On Tuesday, I found myself alone in an exam room with his limp, sick body in the crook of my arm and his head under my chin and I spread out a beach towel on the metal table, so he wouldn’t be cold when he died. It’s funny, how […]

I love you.

“My love of [you] is in me, moving in my heart, changing chambers, like something poured from hand to hand, to be weighed and then reweighed.” –Sharon Olds, “High School Senior” I build the version of you that I love inside of me, even though you’re right in front of me. I think everyone does, […]

No Children Were Harmed in the Writing of this Poem

When a small child you have never met picks up her foot to step off a curb and into rush-hour traffic approximately thirty feet from where you are sitting, right now, idly drinking your iced coffee and letting the pattern of the metal patio chair beneath you imprint itself onto your thighs, and you look […]