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Category Archives: Altruismish!


Doing good out loud.

In keeping with Rule 5 of my Do-Good Manifesto, “Do good out loud,” I want to tell you about a new effort I’ve been making toward moderation — toward walking that line between barreling onward in a life of privilege versus disconnecting from my social circumstances, changing my name to the Chinese symbol for “heart”, […]

Triptych: 3.

o, hey, the whole point of this blog series is the fact that I came up with ten rules for how I want to go about altruism in my daily life. Without further ado, I give you … Jennifer Gilbert’s Do-Good Manifesto 1. DO ANY GOOD IN THE FIRST PLACE The terrifying truth is that […]

Triptych: 1.

I have never been able to stop thinking about this for very long. On a morning in March 2011, I showed up at a meal center in order to help serve lunch to seniors in need of food, companionship, or a combination of the two. The place was in a bad neighborhood, which meant that […]

My Cinematic Year, Part 3: The obligatory montage.

If I knew how we got from there to here, I think I really would write a book about it. But as time has passed, the nights at the rink, the hours of board meetings, the legal paperwork, the radio interviews, and the photo shoots have mushed into a frenetic blur interspersed with beeps from […]

My Cinematic Year, Part 1: The exposition.

So, this one time, in March of 2010, I decided to return to my hometown, after residing for years in a much bigger city, to start a roller-derby league. (Ed. note: While a technical grasp of the game isn’t required to read this post, if you’re curious, you can find a quick explanation video here. […]