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A Complete Guide To Microsoft Certifications And Career Paths

Microsoft Organization is known as the provider of the Windows Operating System and Office Software in general but there is more to it. Other than offering many online services like Bing, MSN etc., Games i.e. Xbox 360 and hardware components including PCs, Keyboards Tablets and many more The company has a certification program with the name Microsoft Certified Professionals Program to increase the number of Qualified Administrators and Technicians of Microsoft among you.

Microsoft first launched its MCP Program back in 1992 and has been rapidly improving from then on. Every Microsoft certification specifies skills and know-how on certain technology of Microsoft and through passing several exams a person can become MCP certified verifying his/her competency with that specific Microsoft Technology.

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An Overview To Microsoft Certification Program:


At present, the Microsoft Certification Program is classified into seven core groups:


This Group covers cardinalities like Windows Server 2016, Microsoft Azure, cloud data platform solutions, server infrastructures, private and hybrid clouds, DevOps and many more.


This group includes end-user and desktop topics i.e. Windows 10, desktop and enterprise applications, working with System Center Configuration Manager and Intune, planning & managing devices in an organization.


This area contains all the data related skills and knowledge like machine learning, business intelligence, business applications, and data management and analytics, accompanied by Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and other Microsoft database technologies.


This group focuses on skills specialized to office and works for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) credentials it includes all Microsoft productivity aids like Exchange Server, SharePoint Server Skype for Business, and also including Office 365 characteristics, necessities and services.

App Builder:

This group includes architects, designs, test and solutions for Azure, SharePoint Server, Visual Studio Team Foundation, and managing development during the whole software lifespan.

Business Applications:

This group emphases on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms and technologies, counting Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service, Distribution and Trade (AX), Financials (AX), Finance and Operations, Retail, Field Service and other major applications.

Certifications in the Microsoft Certification Program include:

  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
  • Microsoft Solutions Developer (MCSD)
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
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After passing certification exams associated with the above-mentioned certifications you become the holder of Certification. Among these only MCSA, MCSD and MCSE qualify for the MCP Certification other than these five Microsoft also offers Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) & Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE).

Microsoft Certification Benefits:

Just like every other certification program Microsoft also provides certification on passing their related to that specified technology you have given exam for. All Microsoft exams contain specific knowledge to a particular technology. And earning such a certification through passing an exam you get to have the benefits of finding a better and more compatible jobs in highly developed posts. A Microsoft Certification not only improves your basic skills and capability but also increases chances for you to nail a well-paying job. According to a research by Microsoft the chances of getting a job increases by 5 times if you have a Microsoft certification and more than 80% mangers at well reputed organization prefer a person with an IT Certificate. Microsoft certifications include skill set that is highly demanded and will make certain you earn a high wage in the future plus Microsoft certification do not expire.

Jobs & Careers you can land with Microsoft Certifications:

IT Professionals having earned Microsoft Certification enjoys the perks of receiving added acknowledgement from managers at hiring post plus there are better chances for them on landing a well-paying and progressive job plus more promotion opportunities.

A Microsoft Cloud Certification is the best choice for a professional who wants to design, deploy, configure and mange a standalone or cloud-based window server environment. This type of certification achievers gets jobs on posts like system administrators or analysts and Technical Specialists.

A Microsoft mobility Certification is best for those who wish to have deploying, configuring or managing skills for a windows desktop environment. This type of certification will land you jobs like Desk Technician, Support personnel and System Administrators etc.

Microsoft Productivity Certification holders normally find jobs for managing productivity of specific Microsoft platforms like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365, covering CRM, ERP and more.

Handling Data serves a great purpose thus Microsoft Data Certifications can get you jobs in several areas. Upholding Database is of prime importance for many organization in these days thus getting a job as a database administrator is easy after attaining Microsoft Data Certificate.

A Microsoft App Builder Certification verifies your web and mobile application development capabilities using essential tools and analysis to create the software program for different Microsoft applications. After attaining Microsoft App Builder Certification, you can easily qualify for application developer post. An application developer works on application software with teams as well as alone occasionally.

Microsoft Business Applications certifications goal is to upgrade skills of those IT Professionals who work with upgrading, configuring and customizing such systems, and also those who develop custom applications for precise, exclusive uses in-house or on behalf of clients. With this certification you can work on various other organizational units such as sales, finance, distribution and trade and more.

Microsoft Certified Trainers and Educators also get many of Microsoft based benefits in getting a well-defined job in IT industry.

Studying For Microsoft Certification Programs:

For training and preparing candidates for several of Microsoft Certification Programs Microsoft offers guidance both in classroom and online. There is this Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) that supports a wide range of free training courses for candidates interested in getting skills and knowledge for Microsoft Techs. They also include some of if not all certification exam topics.

Besides that, there are various websites and other guides published for candidates to prepare themselves for the exam, such an example is is the quite popular among all Practice Questions providers. They have an online Practice Tests system with study guides as well. They provide the most accurate and real Practice Exam Dumps on affordable prices with guarantee of 100% success in first attempt.

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